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Hide details for Calendaring & SchedulingCalendaring & Scheduling
ANUY7HPMDJ Fix problem where, in certain cases, processing cancellation notices would not remove entry from the calendar view.
JLJE7HGL3PFixed problem when propose new time with comment leaves orphaned new document tab
DCON5D9QCYSametime Server will now be updated when changing the Online meeting attachment in a meeting created in Notes.
GKLA7QNRERMeetings that show a duration of -23 hours should now show correctly as 1 hour.
MALE7G4RA9A mail-in database should not appear in the freetime database if it was named in hierarchical format. This fix extracts more NAB information when...
MPUL75QD8ZWith this fix, more Domino Directory information will be extracted. Plain Mail-In databases will now look like users, so the Schedule will handle...
GKLA7QWVN6Month calendar view background color gets updated after midnight or when Today button is pressed.
MSTR5WZMFNWhen a user would receive an encrypted cancellation or if they were removed from a meeting and there were comments in the notice they would not...
MSTR6UJQX7Times / Duration wrong in the Propose Options dialog of a repeating meeting with a different timezone.
ALSR7G4M7FWe had a translation error in our French mail template.

Mail8.ntf contains incorrect wording in the meeting invitation :
When a meeting is created,...
CRIN7GFR64User's with manager access are unable to delete private entries they created. In 8.51 you can now delete private entries.
JFRA7UTGK5Notes client 8.5 crash on accessing inbox of mailfile. Crash has been fixed in 8.51.
MJBN7QVJXRSetting an attribute on the calendar outline entry to enable quicker property change in java view making the client response time equal to...
TKOA7F9T75Categories were not getting upgraded to the new structure on existing meetings created before Notes 8.
TBAY7D5RA7Receiving error: An error occurred while saving: 08:B5 when trying to accept/decline reschedule for one instance of a repeat meeting ...
SJAR7RL9RJWhen using the Find Rooms or Find Resources buttons if only one result was returned and the user closed the dialog via OK, the result would be added...
VPRS7EPKEECrash on router autoprocessing repeating meetings. Added error handling that was missing to prevent crashes after actionhandler fails....
SAKI7QE93YWhen previewing a calendar entry that was created in another time zone and spans midnight in the user's time zone the Start Date would appear...
RNOG7QAHV2Database Administrators will now have the ability to add user's to the ACL via tha Access and Delegations tab in Mail Preferences
Exclamation Point IconTMDS77MPPMDay-At-A-Glance will now automatically refresh to the next day. If CalendarRefreshOnSystemDateChange=1 is set in the Notes.ini, the main and Day At...
SPAL7GELFXFixed an issue where the prefered site field was not retaining values entered in the extended directory catalog.
XPFG7PB7YZThe cursor is not placed in the Reschedule with comments dialog box when rescheduling a meeting in View. Focus issue on Reschedule with comments...
FPAI7THJSFOne Month Calendar view paints days with background of grey when it should be white.
MBOK7MFVB3Creating a new meeting while selecting a date in summary view using standard client will not automatically be set to the date selected. It will...
MSTR7R4K5WDrag and Drop error when first launching client
WEBB6Z42C9Added the ability to Accept or Decline a meeting from preview.
BKAN7NKLZZWhen a room was renamed, there was no indication of this saved in the diagnostic item $CSTrack. This lack of info could slightly hinder analysis of...
MDRS7RLKHFImported Holiday information is tracked in the users mail file so that re-importing a Holiday does not result in mulitple occurrences of the same...
PSAA7RJBMJFixed an error path in the Rooms and Resource Manager that could cause a memory handle issue at shutdown time. Some error paths taken on shutdown...


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